PDEAS IJRAAS Volume 4 Issue 1

28th February 2022

Review of recent trends about Honey and their varieties (Page 28-35)
Dr. Vinod Patange, Dr. Meenal Lad, Dr. Vilas Jagtap
Prakriti is Doshaj phenotype not genotype (Page 42-44)
Dr. Ashay H. Nandeshwar, Dr. Prashant B. Tople
Role of Aaharvidhividhan to prevent Beejdushti - A Review (Page 45-48)
Dr. Harshavardhan M. Kulkarni, Dr. Arti Firke, Dr. Rajkumar Bobade
Relevance of Rajaswala Paricharya in today’s era(Page 49-53)
Dr. Dhanashree G. Tryambake, Dr. Deepali Manore, Dr. Rajkumar Bobade